Bible Believers Fellowship

in Beccles

“All With one accord in one place”

“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit”

How we can help you!

Firstly if you love the Lord Jesus and want to worship Him in Spirit and Truth in a church where He also is loved and worshipped, you can meet with us, so that we can enjoy the Lord together.

If you want to reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to meet the many needs of people in our Nation, then come and work with us

If you are not a Christian but you are aware of the needs in your life and genuinely seek God’s help, then we can introduce you to the Lord Jesus and explain how He can help you.

You may need His salvation, by receiving Him into your life to change you and take away all the wrongness in your heart.

You may need physical healing by the Lord Jesus from some sickness or illness. We can pray for you. Members of the Fellowship have many testimonies of the Lord’s healing which they can share with you as an encouragement. If you want to read some for yourself go to and go to the “Prayer miracles” page or print off the tract on “Divine Healing” by clicking on the picture in the right column.

You may suffer from fear or depression and you are fed up with medical help. Again the Lord Jesus can meet your need. He died to deal with all our problems. We can pray for you. Read the tract on “Fear Not” by clicking on the picture.

Receiving the Lord Jesus is totally wonderful and life changing. All members of the Bible Believers Fellowship have opened their lives to the Lord Jesus and have testimonies which can encourage you. We only believe what is in the Bible. We do not attempt to excuse our needs or argue away the truth of the Bible. Our testimony is that when we take the Lord Jesus at His word then He is faithful to His promises and really helps us in our lives.


Please, if you are interested please contact us or come to a meeting. We are really friendly. We are not after your money or anything like that, neither do we want to get you to commit yourselves to anything, but rather to know the Lord Jesus and His joy and life in you. You will then want to serve Him and the rest is up to His will for your life until He comes again.

Jesus  gives eternal life. It starts the moment we receive Him and ensures us not only of God’s blessing in this life, but of being with Him in Heaven when we die, and with Him for ever.


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