Bible Believers  Fellowship

in Beccles

“All with one accord in one place

“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit”

The Bible Believers Fellowship supports and works with revivalUK in Christian Evangelism. Some of the literature produced by revivalUK is available here. Just click on the picture, download and print. For further titles and information go to

Literature Available

“Born Again”

A tract about new birth based on the bible’s account of Nicodemus visiting the Lord Jesus

The Evidence God has given”

A tract looking at the evidence available in the Bible to provide overwhelming evidence for the Lord Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection

“The Way Ahead”

Advice for New Christians about how to proceed with their new life, including advice on how to pray and read the bible and where to attend church

“The Seven Spirits of God”

A more in depth look at the Holy Spirit, why He was sent and how He works in the lives of Christians